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Why music from the north cannot be on the same standard with that of the south

Why music from the north cannot be on the same Standard with that of the south

Why music from the north cannot be on the same Standard with that of the south.

Artists in this generation of music and entertainment do anything to get the recognition they need to survive in various industries; (Nigeria, America etc).

Standards has been raised and now, artists use highly explicit contents such as s*xual words or phrases, criminal commentaries as their selling point etc.

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The Arewa music scenery, strictly guided by the tenets of Islam and ethical logics limits the production of sound.

And thus, very different from the sounds emernating from Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. Also limiting it’s creativity.

What is happening in northern music industry?

While Arewa boasts of dope and reliable artists, the contents of sound they produce are explicitless, no use of foul words or phrases, and listener friendly.

Unlike the Lagos industry where an artist is able to exhibit the freedom of using words and phrases beyond imagination.

Naira Marley for instance is widely known for his use of foul and s*xual related words and phrases in his lyrics. We have a recent hit of his titled coming (c*ming). We all know that the song.

Rema also has a recent song titled soundgasm which he got by coining sound and orga*m. The lyrics is highly explicit in content.

However, if any northern based artist produces musics as such, the artist will be rebuked and might even be banned.


Such sounds are cited as irresponsible and religiously demeaning.

Discipline is highly embedded in the northern way of doing things and entertainment is not excluded.

Arewa music front liner Classiq, ( aka Arewa mafia) is widely known across the north and even Lagos as he is signed to one of the nations best music group, chocolate city.

Classiq had in 2017 featured Actress Rahama sadau in his music video for “I love you“. Where she acts as his lover and as seen in the video giving Classiq an On-screen hug.

What happened to Rahama Sadau after the video

The video earned Rahama Sadau her first of several bans from Kannywood, at a time where her career was at its peak.

While no well known has never been banned in the north, no artist has the guts of creating a song or sound seen as highly explicit.

This is one of the major reasons the northern music industry lacks in standard and can not compete with the Lagos standard.

In my next article, I will make you understand why the north has all it takes to have a stand alone industry.

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