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What does NFT gaming mean?



What does NFT gaming mean?

I have always been a big fan of video games, so much so that I am addicted and I spend my leisure time playing call of duty, Free fire, grant theft series, FIFA and more.

I never imagined my gaming skills will fetch me earnings some day. I came across play to earn systems of gaming, where you play game and earn tokens or crypto coins as a form of payment.

This of course has been made possible by WEB3’s ability to create a bigger and better internet with the emergence of NFT. Thus NFT games.

December last year, I was referred to a very promising Nigerian gaming community known as Afriguild. The first play to earn gaming guild in Nigeria.

I was opportuned to play AXIE INFINITY, which is widely known as the most played NFT game world wide with over 3Million players. The game fetched me some earnings. I also played Thetan arena and some others.

How is this possible? The games are built on discentralised blockchain where players own NFT characters which they use to play the games. The characters are traded within the universe of the game.


In axie infinity for example, you try to own the pokemon like creatures known as axies. They have special features that enables them win against other player’s axies.

You earn some reasonable amount of tokens such as SLP and AXS from your wins.
Play to earn is one way the WEB3 has fulfilled it’s promise of making earnings from the internet more potent and lucrative, this of course is possible through NFT(NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN).

The sound of playing for fun and earning while doing so is great.Strive to be a part of a great future, play to earn is a very promising way of earning good income. Many has ventured into it full time, and are called professional gamers.

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