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Deezell Announces Record Label Arewa Cartel

Deezell Announces Record Label Arewa Cartel

Deezell Announces Record Label Arewa Cartel. Arewa rapper Deezel has taken to his social media handles to announce the establishment of his record label, Arewa cartel. The young rapper is recognised as one of best rapper in Arewa. This comes with excitement as fans cannot stop praising the idea and innovation. He wrote,

‘’ It’s official guys! We have a new RECORD LABEL in AREWA. Go follow @arewa.cartel I will be announcing my artists very soon”

The whole idea of the new age music scenery in the north is lacking. Though talent is abundant, there is little or no room, or platforms to thrive. Arewa over the years has seen the rise of some superstars such DJ AB, B.O.C madaki, Classiq , Morell

, Kheengz, Deezell among others. These acts has all it takes to thrive in the entertainment capital, talking about Lagos. They have done well to build for themselves fan base through their creativity.

We are in the streaming age where artists sell and make money through digital monetization. Lagos, being the cradle of entertainment in Nigeria has gone through this stage. Classiq has a record deal with top record label chocolate city. DJ AB and Namenj are both part of the Mr Eazi’s Empawa project.

Label system in Nigeria music industry is an integral element on determining the growth of a talent. Labels such as YBNL, Mavin records, and DMW enabled talents such as Fireboy, Rema, Ayra Starr, Ruger and others to take over the music scenery. They all young acts under the tutorship of great musical icons. If Arewa has something like this, imagine.

However in Arewa, while there might be numerous labels, they are all almost not known or really relevant, or having the resources of pushing a talent into stardom. Music is business and labels can be seen as the producers of the products. An up coming artists needs huge capital investment. When an artist is not in the position to invest in himself, it is the job of the label to do so and groom such talent, into making profit and providing impact using their art.

Deezell is no doubt possessing the monetary ability and resources to create a platform that can aid up coming artists in Arewa to thrive. He is enthusiastic about the abundant talent in Arewa. It was only a matter of time before he announced his label and here we are! Though, this for me is still a projected aim that has a very long way to go, I believe that with support and proper insight of talent investment, and of course strategies of getting musical contents into the Lagos market. With this, the label might be a big time success and also become a huge platform for young and up coming singers, rappers and producers in Arewa. And who knows, they label might be the pioneer of creating the much needed standalone music industry in Arewa.



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