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ClassiQal Silence: Fans Want More From ClassiQ.

ClassiQal Silence: Fans Want More From ClassiQ. 

ClassiQal Silence: Fans Want More From ClassiQ.

Classiq took the industry by storm. He did that alone, one man army who used lyrical bombs and guns to create classical hits. They dominated the lips of every music enthusiasts in Arewa and even Lagos.

He dominated the scene for a few years and then…

Signed to chocolate city at a point in time, we hoped for this to be his final break through, to the Lagos market.


Earlier last year, he announced the release of his third studio album, Bakin Bature, even the release date. Unfortunately, Another hotshot of that moment, Hamisu Breaker decided to drop on the same day.

To avoid clash, this might have prompted the rapper to move the release date. His team moved it to an undisclosed date.


We, as die hard fans of Arewa Mafia have greatly missed the rapper’s flows and witty lyrics.
We cannot wait to get unsilenced. We have been Classiqically silenced for a long time now.

We need the rapper back to doing what he does best. At his best, ClassiQ can go head to head with any other rapper nation wide.

We hope that he fills us an update in regards to his album’s released date.

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