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Celebrating the Pride of Birniwa: Ibrahim Hassan Kalil – The Face Jigawa Arewa MTN Award

Celebrating the Pride of Birniwa: Ibrahim Hassan Kalil – The Face Jigawa Arewa MTN Award. 


In the heart of Jigawa State, Nigeria, lies the charming town of Birniwa, a place that has nurtured countless talents and individuals who have left an indelible mark on their community. Among these exceptional personalities is Ibrahim Hassan Kalil, fondly known as Jikan Malam Birniwa or Kalil Manager. Recently, he achieved a momentous feat by winning the prestigious “Face of Jigawa” award at the Arewa MTN Award ceremony hosted in Jigawa. Today, we celebrate his accomplishments, both as a businessperson and a TikTok influencer, and the profound impact he has made on his beloved community.

A Proud Son of Birniwa:

Born and raised in Birniwa, Ibrahim Hassan Kalil has always been deeply connected to his roots. The town’s rich cultural heritage and its tight-knit community have played an instrumental role in shaping his character and aspirations. Throughout his journey, Kalil has been a symbol of inspiration and hope for the people of Birniwa, showcasing the potential that lies within the town’s borders.

A Businessperson with a Heart for Community:

In addition to being a TikTok influencer, Ibrahim Hassan Kalil is an esteemed businessperson. Through his ventures, he has embraced the responsibility of giving back to his community. Kalil recognizes that the growth and prosperity of Birniwa are closely tied to the success of its people. Thus, he actively supports local initiatives and creates opportunities for employment and economic development. His dedication to uplifting his community shines through in every endeavor he pursues.

TikTok Influencer Extraordinaire:

Beyond his endeavors in the business world, Ibrahim Hassan Kalil has captured the hearts of thousands on the popular social media platform, TikTok. With an impressive following of over 300,000 and a staggering 4 million likes, Kalil’s TikTok presence is a testament to his creative and engaging content. His videos range from entertaining skits to motivational messages, inspiring viewers and spreading positivity across the digital realm.



Ibrahim Birnawa TikTok

A recognition at Arewa MTN Award:

Recently, Ibrahim Hassan Kalil’s efforts and impact were rightfully recognized at the Arewa Legend Award ceremony in Jigawa. As he stepped up to the stage to receive the “Face of Jigawa” award, he not only made his community proud but also left an unforgettable impression on the entire Arewa region. The accolade serves as a testament to his dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around him.


In Ibrahim Hassan Kalil, Birniwa has produced a gem, a true Arewa legend who continues to inspire and uplift his community through various channels. From his thriving business ventures that contribute to the town’s growth to his captivating presence on TikTok, Kalil’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for the youth of Jigawa State. As he continues to make strides in both his professional and social endeavors, we are confident that his influence will only grow, and his impact on his community will remain everlasting.

We celebrate the success of Ibrahim Hassan Kalil, a son of Birniwa, and a true Arewa Legend. His story reminds us all that greatness knows no boundaries and that with dedication and passion, anyone can become an inspiration to others. As we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions he will make and the positive change he will bring to the lives of many.


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