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Ali Nuhu And Deezell On Set For ”Mr Lecturer” Movie

Ali Nuhu And Deezell On Set For ”Mr Lecturer” Movie

Ali Nuhu And Deezell On Set For ”Mr Lecturer” Movie. Versatile and A-List actor Ali Nuhu and rapper slash actor Deezell are on set, for ”Mr Lecturer” movie.

Also, rapper DJ Ab and his brother Feezy are also on set. We are yet to know their respective roles, but are sure of their involvement in the development.

2021 seems to be Very fine year for the Arewa Cartel boss, Deezell who is having his first major movie role, for the first time in a while.

Ali Nuhu is one of the most successful actors and famous actors in Nigeria. He is widely regarded as the Kannywood Prince Charming. Also a director, his talent is unrivaled in this regard.


His on screen enthusiasm makes him a legend in the entertainment industry.

On the other part, Deezell is a very versatile entertainer. He is a rapper, spoken word artist, an actor and music talent hunter.

It is very exciting for this kind of collaboration to happen. Fans can’t get enough of the talent used in making the movie ”Mr Lecturer”.

The movie which was earlier announced and is in development. As at now, we don’t have much information about it, but we are sure it’s coming next year, and maybe with Netflix.

Judging by the fact that Ali Nuhu’s Starred movie ‘Queen Amina‘ this year was powered by Netflix.


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