ABU: Increment Of School Fees; Our Outcries Are Justifiable

ABU: Increment of school fees; our outcries are justifiable

ABU: Increment Of School Fees; Our Outcries Are Justifiable. There was a recent increase in the school fees required to be paid by students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

This has caused a whole bunch of controversy since the revelation, on Saturday or so. Many students have come outside, expressing their heart felt dishearteningly heart brokenness towards the issue.

The larger number of the students have been mourning since the incident, lamenting that the change is too sudden, knowing fully well that registration is just around the corner.

Amidst this tension, I’ve come across some supposed homo sapiens making comments like “the school fees is cheap“, using their pockets to vet the worth of every other persons.

Some are even making a joke out of it, thereby causing additional tension to the already aggrieved students. I find that selfish, irrational and inconsiderate. One thing we should learn to understand is that all fingers are never equal.

As we all see ourselves in school or on social media here, we all come from different family backgrounds. Our problems and financial worth is totally different.

As some worry about using iPhone 12 and not being able to buy iPhone 13, some worry about what they will eat as the sun rises. They feed by the grace of God, and when they eventually feed, it is from hand to mouth.


Do you now expect them to jubilate over the abrupt increment some few days to registration? Many students, including myself stay back home after school resumption, and resume after some weeks or even months.

To be able to come up with something or maybe reduce from the time we would spend in a semester in school.

You wouldn’t imagine the financial problems, and hunger many endure in school. To some of us, school is horror, unlike many others wishing for resumption.That is why most people will think I’m not a serious student, when I decide to stay back home for weeks after resumption.

So as to reduce the life span of the horrific experience through the semester. I would be a blatant liar if I denied the fact that the school fees is extremely cheap compared to other schools, despite the increment.

That should not be reason for one to be so inconsiderate, to make comments that will increase the heartbreak. It isn’t the fault of myself and other students complaining. It’s just our financial condition that insulted us.

We should understand that not everybody is born with a silver spoon. We should try to leave our comfort zone and look at things from other people’s perspective.

By AbdulBari Bin Dauda


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